28 March 2011

just in time for spring...

...a wool hat.  when i cast on this hat the week before my spring break, jared suggested that maybe it was a little late in the season to be making a wool hat.  i scoffed. and guess who was right? (me) since i finished this hat, which took me less than a week, we've gotten five inches of snow and the temperatures have dipped well below 20 degrees.  yet somehow this new sunny yellow hat has been warming my spirits during this snowy and cold early spring.  

i've been feeling lately that i needed a new hat, since i haven't made one for myself in a couple of years.  ever since i saw this one on elena's blog, i knew this one would be a top contender.  i had purchased three skeins of this yarn a couple of years ago with the intention of making myself a cabled earflap hat.  well, clearly that didn't happen, but it turned out to be the perfect yarn for this pattern (i only used two skeins, so if anyone has a suggestion for what to do with 87 yards of this, i'm all ears!).  when first casting on, it seemed like this yarn would be pretty nubby, but it knit up quite evenly and i think the dimple pattern is the perfect compliment for the slight variegation in color and slight nubbiness.  in fact, the only downside to this hat is that it's too bulky to fit under my bike helmet!

pattern: dimple hat, by whitney van nes {from the purl bee}
yarn: nashua handknits natural focus ecologie wool
needles: size 7 circular
modifications: i only cast on 78 sts to account for the difference in yarn weights from what the pattern called for.  

{more details on ravelry}


  1. I love the color, its like the perfect transitional shade to take you from winter to spring.

  2. it's super cute, julia! and that color is wonderful - it'll be great to pull out in the fall, too.

  3. It looks great. Nice job listening to your intuition.