14 March 2011

thoughts for a monday evening

::this weekend, i made pretzels.  and, well, they were pretty much amazing.  and they only lasted a day, which can only mean one thing...i must make more.  they were the rye pretzels from good to the grain, which i checked out from the library a few weeks ago, but had to return before i was able to make any of the recipes.  i got enough of a look at it to know that it's totally worth buying, but until that happens, i photocopied a few recipes to try out.  these pretzels were absolutely delicious and so easy to make.  while they were in progress, i was thinking that they were supposed to be a bit doughier and i was worried that mine would be too tough, but they were really just right.  they're not supposed to be that doughy.  i had intended to make this mustard to accompany the pretzels, but didn't get around to it in time.  i think i'll start it tonight so it'll be ready by the time i make more pretzels.  
::it's time to get back on the bike.  it's supposed to hit fifty this week and despite (or maybe because of) the ginormous puddles everywhere, i cannot wait to get back on two wheels.  sadly, i have some painfully squeaky brakes and a rusty chain.  i think i'll hobble my way through this week of commuting and then bring it in for a nice professional overhaul this weekend.  can't wait to have that baby tuned up and riding smooth.  

::speaking of spring, it's hard to believe that it'll be here next week!  i was so deeply in love with winter this year, that it's almost hard to admit that i'm starting to get excited about spring.  mostly gardening, although i have barely even thought about my garden plan for the year.  needless to say, i am not starting seeds early this year.  i can barely keep my head above water with the projects and work i've already got happening, that i think it'll be a triumph enough to just get the garden planted and kept up.

::when i got home from work today at 5:45pm, i took freddie for a long walk all the way on the park.  then, i worked on my bike in the garage for a while, and then got distracted chipping away at the ice that's built up in the garage.  and all that time it was light out and i wasn't even wearing a hat or gloves.  insanity.   

that's the word around these parts.  i've got some crafty updates to share and maybe even an actual recipe or two.  this is a crazy busy week, and then i'm on spring break with my parents visiting for half of next week, but i'm hoping to pop in here at least once in the next week to share some fun stuff.  


  1. mmm...pretzels. i need to make some, too.

  2. I've been wanting to make pretzels lately. I used to make a version at halloween every year but it's been a long long time. I am so with you on the speaking of spring comments. I really enjoyed this winter but it seems that all of a sudden I'm done and ready to move on.

  3. recipe please! these look amazing.

  4. WANT!!! How good does that look?!!! OMG with mustard and crusty salt, yes please! I think I need to come to Minneapolis for Julia's bread workshop.