01 April 2011

spring manifesto

so, only about a week late, but it's actually starting to feel slightly spring-y here.  i'm biting my tongue because i know it could snow more, but i'm also feeling optimistic about the coming warmer weather.  my seeds arrived yesterday and while i had convinced myself that i do not have the time to start seeds indoors this year, i realized that my kale seeds should be started early (in fact, i think they should have been started a couple of weeks ago) and  i've also decided to give it a go with tomatoes and peppers.  so this weekend will be dedicated to putting together a makeshift seed-starting area in my basement.  wish me luck!  i am overflowing with gardening ideas for this year, but i'll save that for another post.  

it is, in fact, spring, and i'm feeling full of energy.  here are some things on my list for this coming season...

:: make at least two garments to carry me through summer.
:: try sourdough again.
:: begin quilting my quilt.
:: start doing yoga again.
:: spend as much time outdoors as humanly possible.  
:: puddle jump.
:: clear out the freezer and make room for this season's produce.
:: hang more art in our house (and maybe even start my family photo wall).
:: plant a new garden filled with vegetables, flowers, medicinal herbs, and plants to use for dyes (!)

well okay then. i think that's a good place to start. what do you have on your lists for this spring?

{i know, i need a new banner, i'll get on that as soon as it starts looking spring-y around here!}


  1. eek! julia, i am so excited for you to start your garden! please do share those gardening tips as soon as you can... i am intrigued :)

  2. totally gonna be a frequent commenter here! If you need a puddle jumping partner I have a 5 year old a few blocks away with awesome newish rain boots and an ability to soak her whole self even with the rain boots.

  3. yes. we are on the verge of spring - thinking about my garden too - finally moved some furniture back onto the deck to grab the few and far between glimpses of the sun.

    I have got some similar goals this spring. I'd like to sew a couple of new skirts/ simple dresses for the summer months.