04 April 2011

three things i love.

1. corduroy
2. dark purple
3. the tulip skirt

i think i've had this project on my list since immediately after i completed the last tulip skirt.  i knew it would be perfect in corduroy. and boy was i right.  i think i picked up this fine wale dark purple corduroy at joann's or mill end or some place like that a few years ago, and it's been waiting patiently ever since to be turned into a skirt.  which is just what i did over my spring break two weeks ago.  

this pattern (the tulip skirt by jenny gordy from the fall 2008 issue of stitch magazine) was a dream, just like the first time.  a little bit fussy, but in a good way.  i made a couple of careless mistakes that aren't even worth mentioning, and overall it turned out just fine.  before i started this, i checked my post from the first tulip skirt (that's really what this blog is good for!) and remembered that i wanted pockets.  at the time, i thought adding inseam pockets would be so easy.  however, i have since made inseam pockets and although i could have figured them out and added them (and that would have been completely rad) that would have taken this project out of the instant gratification category.  and, to be honest, that's really what i was looking for. 

so there you have it.  garment #1 for spring.  and corduroy to boot (which was a holdover from the fall manifesto, double win!). 


  1. what a great skirt! love the purple.

  2. really, really great. such a great purple.

  3. I made it in corduroy, too, back in the day - mine's black, though. Looks great! And that pocket thing may require another thought :)

  4. It looks great! Dark purple corduroy - how can you go wrong?

  5. cute:)
    also -inseam pockets are like 5 extra minutes. really!