07 June 2011

and just like that...






...spring is over. we reached 103 degrees this afternoon. the hottest day in 20 years. phew. it'll be back down to 65 in a day or two, man this weather is crazy.  here are a few scenes from my garden. i took these photos about two weeks ago, when i first got home from new york (those photos coming later this week) and it's crazy to see how much things have already changed. these early peonies and lilacs are already done blooming, the peas have climbed almost to the tops of the trellises, and these pots have filled in so much more.  not to mention that i've planted a lot more too!  

i've mostly been writing about my gardening adventures this year over on tend, but i'll try to keep sharing some here as well. gosh knows, there's certainly enough to go around this year!  in addition to my home garden, which has expanded this year, i somewhat inadvertently acquired two additional plots at my community garden.  i feel like i'm managing a small farm!  i've got 19 tomato plants, almost 30 onions, 3 melons, 17 pepper plants (bell and jalapeno), countless beans, 3 zucchini/summer squash, 3 cucumbers, 17 garlic plants, herbs up the wazoo, radishes, arugula, lettuce, peas, 3 types of kale, more chard than i can count, loads of flowers, and more still to be planted.  {phew}  

for the past few weeks, almost every evening, after i get home from work, i spend a little bit of time (maybe even a few hours) watering and tending the gardens.  it's so nice to have this time in the evening after long days at work.  since it stays light so late, it makes it easy.  but we've also been finding ourselves at after 8pm and not having even thought about dinner.  we're going to have to get into a better routine with this thing, i think. 

are you planting a garden these days?  and what are your favorite quick summer dinners?


  1. I have 3 plots this year too but the new one I'm just going to work on the soil for next year since it was so weedy. It still seems a little much with this weather- slow, cold spring and now 90+ temps for days in a row. It's hard to get anything done and not have what you do plant shrivel up right away. I've never looked forward to 65 degrees so much before. You should join the garden grub group. There are some good ideas already.

  2. So far, only lettuce planted. I think we missed spring and are heading right into summer now... usually I plant salad fixin's... radishes .. green onions etc. herbs.

    We make salad pizza - grilled bread with black olive tapendade and fresh salad with vinigrette. serious yum.