14 June 2011

nyc scenes

so, it seems that once a week is about all i can muster here these days, no matter how hard i may try to get back here a second time. oh well, if it's once a week, it's once a week. i'm working hard lately to accept what i have in me and be content with that. because i am only one woman, and one woman is only capable of so much, right? right.

almost a month ago now, i traveled back to new york city, where i grew up, for a little visit.  i didn't take too many photos this trip (only about half a roll of film, and a handful of polaroids) and i always find it interesting to see what i choose to capture each time i visit the city.  here are a few of those captures...


  1. this tugs at my heart so hard.
    hope you are hanging in there, j! been thinking about you (i owe you an email, too!). hugs. xo

  2. I didn't grow up in New York, but I did live there for four years, and every time I go back, I always wonder: who would I have become, photo-wise, if I'd stayed? It's a curious exercise. I also love seeing what catches my eye through my camera on different visits.