04 July 2011

getting away

with our busy schedules, jared and i don't get a lot of opportunities to get out of town.  on friday, i had the day off work and, with the excuse of bringing my camera to the only person around who will fix it (who happens to be 40 minutes away), i took a little solo afternoon trip to stillwater.  stillwater is a super cute little town right on the minnesota/wisconsin border that is chock full of crazy antique stores.  while it can get kind of busy and touristy in the summer, it being a friday afternoon, it wasn't too bad.  and after taking care of my camera business, i was more than happy to take refuge in a few air conditioned antique stores since it was about 105 degrees outside.  after accomplishing my antiquing goals, i dipped my toes in the st. croix river and watched the lift bridge go up to let the boats pass through.  i couldn't believe how high the water was-flooding the riverside park where i was, and allowing a gap of only about 4 feet below the bridge when it was down.  

even though it was just a quick trip of a few hours, it was so nice to get out of my normal routine, and take a little time to myself to just wander around and be in my own head.  definitely something i need to remember to do more often...


  1. Sounds like a great trip away! I always squander my alone time, but this would be a doable thing for me once in a while.

  2. it's such a treat to take a little fieldtrip on your own, isn't it? i can't wait for my next one. (also, this town looks adorable!)

  3. Great photos! So glad you got a digital camera--you are rocking every photo! Love the one with all the rolling pins ;)