30 June 2011

summer manifesto


about a week into summer, i'm finally starting to feel its presence (those 95 degree temps don't hurt the summer feel either!).  while i know that this may be the busiest season of my life, with wedding planning, helping with jared's brother's upcoming wedding, work, and trying to keep up with my out of control garden[s], i still have a few things that i'd like to put down on the proverbial paper here to try to do this summer. 

:: have backyard fires in the evenings.
:: go swimming in at least one new spot.
:: read a book.
:: sew one article of clothing for myself (have you noticed that with each season's manifesto this number goes down? i will not let it go though!)
:: make ice cream sandwiches.
:: go on a bike picnic.
:: spend at least one night away from home (i'd like to say camping, but with the impending state government shutdown, state parks will be closed for who knows how long).
:: make some jam for myself (not only for wedding favors)
:: eat from the garden as much as possible.
:: try new recipes (including one for those garlic scapes up there).
:: fill up our freezer with fruits and veggies.
:: write some letters.
:: drink my morning coffee outside.
:: find time to just play.
:: and take some naps with open windows.

what's on your summer list?

edited to add: while i may be bummed about parks being closed, that is nothing in comparison to the thousands of state employees who will be losing their jobs (temporarily or not) and countless folks who will lose access to critical social services that will be shut down during this period as well. i felt a little remiss in not mentioning that.


  1. first of all: WHAT? the state parks will be shut down?! crossing my fingers for that they'll figure something out before midnight tonight! do you know that you can camp just about anywhere on national forest unless otherwise posteda, i believe, for up to 16 days (wishful thinking). google 'dispersed camping' and the name of the particular national forest in your area for more info, or check in with your local NFS ranger station. there are no facilities so you need to be able to bring or have access to a way of making potable water, and of course, you need to deal with your own...ahem...waste, of all sorts. you know, pack it in, pack it out, dig a hole, all that jazz.
    moving on: i need to remember to drink my morning tea outside instead of in front of the laptop, EVERY DAY, thank you very much!
    and finally, on my own wish list:
    :: backpacking with my family at least twice.
    :: possibly take x-country skis into glacier nat'l park when the road over logan pass finally opens. (absurd, i know)
    :: sailing with my parents (for probably the very last time ever) and my own whole family, chris included, up along the british columbia coastline.
    :: spin (outside on the front walkway whenever possible) enough wool to knit a whole sweater in the fall.
    :: finish that quilt in time for the local quilt show (15 days left to finish and register, oy.)
    :: sew a costume for the recycled fashion show fundraiser for the local arts center (5 weeks away).
    :: swim, swim, SWIM!, when the lakes warm up enough to do so.
    PHEW. that's suddenly sounding like A LOT!

  2. a good list.
    me too. sewing is on my list. but, first I need to find my fabric scissors..... sneaking suspicion that my daughter had borrowed them for ... thinking not fabric.

    ice cream sandwiches. yum.

  3. can i just say that all of that shutting down business is just bullshit? is that ok to say?! SHEESH!

    & great manifesto. i am a little hesitant in even talking about a manifesto for myself... i never pull through :/

  4. i love your manifesto, julia! and that you aren't giving up on the sewing clothes. we hiked as a family this morning, knocking one thing of my summer to-do list. other things include making ice cream, reading a classic novel and swimming in a lake. all doable, i think.

  5. this is a wonderfully inspiring list. i'm kind of wishing we had the type of summer nights that make backyard fires appropriate :) clothes sewing is still on my list, though i'm so terribly slow... i can't let it go either! there will be a new dress before summer is over, so help me. xo