25 August 2011


lately...i have been day dreaming a lot

of being a graphic/web designer
of working on non-wedding related projects
of swimming
of decluttering and organizing our house
of taking a long, slow vacation
of taking more photographs [and being better about sharing them online]
of practicing yoga again
of making myself a new wardrobe 
of getting a new computer...and phone
of taking long walks with my dog...and long bike rides on the weekends
of fall...oh fall, how i do love you.   

[in reality, i've mostly been having anxiety dreams about things like typos on our wedding invitations.  just so you don't think my life is all rosy and calm]


  1. When we were planning our wedding my mom kept telling me it's about the marriage, not the wedding. And I cannot tell you how much I too am dreaming of a vacation! Will you guys get a honeymoon?

  2. You got to bike around Yountville?? Jealous...

  3. Something about this list makes me really inspired as well.

  4. My wedding-related anxiety dreams extended past our wedding. But they'll pass, I promise! These last couple of months will fly.