23 August 2011

tuesday... (and giveaway winner!)

hi friends! i'm having a bit of trouble settling back into home life after a fantastic, but whirlwind (as usual) trip to California last week.  more details and photos to come soon...in the meantime, i wanted to announce the winner of the wolfie and the sneak giveaway from last week.

congrats goes to: Kristen from one lonely apricot!  kristen's comment was: "I am crazy about asparagus but haven't lived in any one place in my adult life long enough to grow it myself (it takes 3 years to mature). However, I do grow my own tomatoes and they are another favorite!" congrats kristen! email me your address and i'll pass it along to renee.  you are in for a serious treat for your walls.  special thanks to renee for hosting this giveaway, and don't forget you can always check out the wolfie and the sneak shop to get your hands on your own beautiful print or other goodie (and all proceeds from the shop during the month of august will go to support renee's aunt's cancer treatment, bonus karma!)

i'll admit that i've wavered back and forth between titling this post "tuesday happymaking" and "tuesday slog" [while finally settling on just "tuesday"...i'm somewhere in between apparently] there are loads of things making me happy right now, but whenever i sit down to write here, i just feel overwhelmed. overwhelmed at my ever growing to-do list, overwhelmed at all the amazing things i'm seeing around the internet and feeling like i'm not contributing anything interesting or creative to this world right now, overwhelmed by the lack of sleep i'm getting, and lots more.  but.  things are being checked off the list.  and i have tons of photos to share if i can just get off my butt and do it.  so. in light of that little bit of whiney-ness, here are a couple of lovely things to share with you all today:

::did you check out all the amazing guest posts over at tend last week? we had a great group of ladies joining us.
::heather launched her blue sparrow press shop yesterday, i want one of everything!
::doesn't amy's cabin vacation look divine? i'd like to go on vacation with her family please.
::the new 3191 is beautiful (not that i would expect anything less).  i thoroughly enjoyed my subscription to 3191Q last year and am so happy to hear they are continuing it, can't wait to renew!
::the more & co. blog.  so inspiring.
::jenna rose's solo cabin trip & natural dyeing experimenting.  
::farm anatomy by julia rothman looks incredible.  one more for the birthday list [clearly it's no coincidence that it is released on my birthday!].

alright, that should keep you busy for a bit.  back later this week with more...

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  1. Oh, I am so excited to be the giveaway winner! Thank you so much.

    I am glad you posted the link to the Farm Anatomy book...looks right up my alley so I've added it to my must-read list for fall!