01 September 2011

about those cupcakes

i mentioned i had the lucky job of cupcake baker for jared's brother's wedding back in july.  let me tell you that baking 264 cupcakes in six weeks is no small feat.  but it was a fun one.  i'll also tell you that 264 cupcakes was way too many.  good thing we had lucky folks to send some home with.  on the recommendation of at least a few people, i went with molly's chocolate cupcake recipe from a homemade life.  jordan and pari (and i!) are coffee lovers, so this seemed like the perfect fit.  the first couple of batches came out a bit gooey, which is probably what molly was going for, and frankly, would have been delicious if these hadn't been destined for an outdoor summer wedding.  i ended up baking them at 325 instead of 300 and for a few minutes longer, just to firm them up a bit.  i tripled the recipe each time i baked, making about 38 cupcakes each time, and kept them in the freezer until two days before the wedding. i frosted them with chocolate and vanilla buttercream recipes from martha stewart (times four and times three, respectively).  i have never had so much dairy in my house as i have while baking these cupcakes.  i admit that i actually got a little hooked on the whole milk that was leftover from the frosting, mmmm.

in any case, as crazy as this whole endeavor was, i am so glad i could contribute to their wedding this way. and if i had to do it all over again, i totally would.

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  1. I used the same recipe for ZOe's birthday!!! I love it.
    But I frosted them with italian meringue. Yum.
    These looks fantastic!