08 September 2011

they're off!


well, they were off a couple of weeks ago, but i've been a bit remiss on the ol' blog as you may have noticed. in any case...the invitations are out and our wedding is just over a month away!  i need to photograph the invitations themselves, because they are amazing.  one of my oldest friends designed them and i am in love.  seriously.  i couldn't be happier, and i am so proud of her for creating something so beautiful.  soon.  because you'll love them too. [those custom stamps are from zazzle.com and the image is based on the invitation design]

i'm in full-on list mode tidying up all the last minute details so that i can just concentrate on being excited for the big day [which i totally am, by the way].  i am so excited to have so many of our friends and family all here under the same roof in our home city, many of whom have never been here before.  also?  i'm excited to dance my ass off.  there, i said it. 

now that things are getting closer, i'm hoping to share some sneak peeks of some of the projects i've been busying myself with these past months.  because oh, i've been busy. 

*calligraphy by the amazing queen quills. when i picked the envelopes up from her, i kind of kicked myself for not having her write something with our own names on it because her work is so freaking cool. what a treat to have her do this. [and the photo was totally inspired by alyson brown]