16 September 2011

canning week: jam

203 jars of jam 

jam was the very first thing i ever canned.  raspberry jam, to be exact.  at our old apartment, we had a gigantic and extremely productive raspberry patch in the backyard.  the first summer we lived there, i quickly realized that i had better figure out how to make jam, or i was going to be swimming in raspberries.  and so i did.  like i mentioned yesterday, we're not huge jam eaters, so over the years i have given away many a jar of jam to willing and happy friends and family members.  and, i've actually cut back on the amount of jam i make each year, simply because we don't eat that much of it, and you can only  give so many away [and we no longer have a gigantic raspberry patch, though i am working on building it up].

one thing about my jam making that i should mention: i do not use pectin.  i think when i first started making jam i mistakenly thought that pectin was some artificial ingredient that i didn't want anywhere near my jam.  i'm pretty sure i'm wrong about that, but i've been making jam without pectin for four years, and i'm kind of scared to change my ways now.  oh well.  it's been working for me so far so i'm okay with it. 

this year, i have probably made enough jam to last a lifetime.  203 jars, to be exact.  you see, we are giving them away as the favors for our wedding next month!  so, since june i have made:
strawberry rhubarb jam
strawberry vanilla jam
strawberry jam
apricot butter
raspberry jam
blueberry jam
peach jam
spiced apple butter

[i am not including the tomato jam, since that is not counted towards the wedding favor effort].  i have a feeling we will have some very happy wedding guests...

ps. thanks so much for joining me for canning week, it was super fun for me to do this recap of all my canning for the year.  i'd love to hear about any of your canning adventures and i'd definitely love to hear if you try any of the recipes i shared here this week.  happy weekend friends. xo

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  1. i remember making jam for our wedding guests! it was so much fun & our guests really, really loved it! :) i am so excited to hear/see all about your wedding :)