23 September 2011



happy first day of autumn, friends!  anyone who's been around here for more than a second probably knows that fall is my absolute favorite season, so today is definitely something to celebrate.

i had contemplated forgoing my standard manifesto, replacing it with the single goal of "get married!" but i quickly decided against that.  although anything on my manifesto will likely not take place until after october 15, there will still be a whole lot of fall left to enjoy after that.  so, without further ado.  here is my autumn manifesto...

:: eat pumpkin ice cream from pumphouse creamery
:: sew at least one garment for myself
:: work on that quilt
:: start knitting a sweater
:: make new pillow covers
:: blow through more rolls of film on the yashica mat
:: bake bread again and make lots of soups to go with said loaves of bread
:: drink pots of tea while sewing in my studio and listening to music and podcasts while watching the autumn light fade in the evenings [boy, am i living in a fantasy land or what?]
:: take brisk walks and savor the sound of leaves crunch crunching under my feet
:: read something [anything]
:: build a website with jared
:: have lazy weekends

sheesh. can you tell i'm excited to work on non-wedding related projects? not that i haven't been enjoying them.  and not that i'm not bursting at the seams to show them off to everyone in a couple of weeks.  but a small part of me is ready to get this show on the road.  have all my friends and family arrive and hang out and have the best time.  and then settle back into normal, quieter, life.  because that's what fall is all about to me.  settling in. tucking in. cozying in.


ps. these photos have absolutely nothing to do with fall.  but i took them recently with my "new" yashica mat 124, which was so generously gifted to me last winter and i'm just now finally getting around to use it.  to say i love it may be the understatement of the year.


  1. sounds down right awesome. And I am pretty sure that camera suits you. ;)

  2. I am with you on autumn. I love it. Once I embraced the realization that summer was over - I am welcoming autumn with open arms.

    yeah for the camera!

  3. yes. to all of it. but most especially, that yashica. click away, lady!

  4. All of it sound great! I see the majority of items on your manifesto match mine. :>) I wish you good luck to get in as many as you can. Cheers ~ Conny

  5. hey. i'm so lame that i never come here. i just figure we'll get in touch for real.

    your header is dreamy.

    can't wait for the after.
    the after is the best.


  6. I love you... and your manifesto. I keep meaning to write down my pre-baby manifesto, but it hasn't happened yet. I'm curious... what website are you going to build? for what? see you in two weeks! :)