12 September 2011

canning week! [pickles]

spicy polish dill pickles 
so here's the deal. i've been canning. a lot.  and if i really want to start blogging more, that's mostly what i have to show for myself these days, so here we go.  i'm officially declaring this week canning week on the old blog here.  [nothing official, really, but feel free to join in if you have something to say about canning this week, let me know if you do and i'll link to you. or something like that].  maybe i'll even share some of my favorite new canning links throughout the week!

of course, i'm copping out a bit on this first day by just directing you over to [tend] where i'm blathering on and on about pickles today [oh yeah, i'm over there on mondays now if you'd like to check out what i'm up to in the garden].  i promise something original here tomorrow.  gosh knows i've been canning everything from tomatoes to apples to peaches to blueberries to raspberries to strawberries to apricots to pickles to....

seeing as i'm making my way through what's likely to be the last of my canning for this season, i thought it would be nice to do a little re-cap and share with you some of what i've learned this year since this has definitely been my biggest [and best] canning year yet.  well anyways, canning week it is! woop woop!

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