21 October 2011

friday happymaking


i'll admit, this week has been pretty rough. coming down off of the high of last week has been harsh.  jared dove right back into crazy schoolwork, and i went back to work on tuesday. we've been having some car issues. we both seem to be coming down with colds. and we cannot seem to get enough sleep no matter how early we've been going to bed.

despite that. i have so much to be grateful for. and so very many things to be happy about...

::it's sunny. it may be cold in the mornings, but it is warm and sunny by my afternoon ride home.

::looking through all of our photos from last week [over and over and over]. those memories will bring a smile to my face forever.

::hearing our friends and family tell us what fun they had. good to know we weren't the only ones having the time of our lives!

::ready to make some time for cooking this weekend. pretty much every recipe i've seen in the past couple of days has looked amazing to me, probably because i've barely cooked a meal in the last month. any recommendations? i'm thinking about making a nice big breakfast for us one day this weekend.

::working on non-wedding craft projects. first up: i'm knitting a pillow cover. i had the yarn in my stash and a couple of pillow forms in the closet [and all those house guests last week made me acutely aware of the sad state of our pillow collection...i plan on remedying that this winter].

::the second to last farmer's market this weekend. well, i'm sad that it's the second to last, but i've missed the past couple of weekends and i'm excited to stock up on some yummy veggies. especially pumpkins, i haven't made anything pumpkin yet this year! oh! pumpkin saag, that's totally going on the list for next week. love that dish [from veganomicon].

::back [i hope] to regular blogging! aside from the fact that i have so much to share right now, i'm also excited to have some more time to take photos and write here. in addition to wedding reports, i have a few backlogged projects i've been meaning to write about here.

::speaking of photos, i'm hoping to shoot a roll of film on my yashica mat this weekend. i am so in love with that camera and can't wait to use it some more. [did i mention our wedding photographers used a mamiya tlr and a diana+ in addition to the digital photos?! so excited to see those shots!)

okay friends, what's making you happy today?

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  1. making me happy: sewing halloween costumes. i never thought i would say that, but it's been so fun this year.
    and i hear you on the post-wedding sick - i got ill on our honeymoon and just slept and slept and slept.