20 October 2011

we are rich

worlds collide
mom & me

the quilt
my beautiful aunt and cousins
building the chuppah

my ladies
we have people.


do we have people.

we have friends. and we have family. who buy each other plane tickets so they can be there for our wedding. who email others who they've never met before to plan wonderful things for us. who sew for us. who get creative when they think they are really not creative people. who listen to us. who show up and stand up for us. who help us pick fruit and make jam. who mail us plants. who travel halfway across the world to be with us. who walk ten minutes from their homes to be with us. who tell us that we are right. who tell us that we are wrong. who build things for us. who write the most beautiful words for us. who are there for us, even when they are not there. who make us feel special and loved.

we are so loved. and so blessed. and oh so very rich.


  1. and they are rich. for they have you :)

  2. i am tearing up reading this. so beautiful, and true. xo

  3. That's the amazing thing about having a wedding that I don't think I really anticipated. In theory it's about love between two people, but in actuality it's so much bigger than that. The enveloping love, of family and friends makes it a communal celebration. Many years to you and your new husband.

  4. Thanks for making me cry at the office, jerk.

  5. really beautiful, julia.
    i'm so happy you have all these people :).