20 November 2011

20 november

it snowed yesterday and it was gorgeous. it's gotten quite cold, and that is taking a bit of getting used to. but hot tea, knitting on the couch, long underwear, and wool knee socks are helping the adjustment. i've also decided that i need new boots for this winter (any suggestions?).

i took a gorgeous walk at the dog park this morning with freddie and jack, my coworker's dog who we're watching for the week. i snapped these polaroids--i am so happy i brought that camera along (and discovered that the inside pocket of my new jacket is the perfect size for keeping polaroids warm when it's cold out). i have the whole week off from work so i am really excited to get some projects underway and do loads of cooking for thanksgiving. we are going to a friend's house on thursday and having jared's brothers, their wives, and our nephews over on friday. needless to say, i've got an ambitious menu planned.

this weekend has proven to be quite full, starting off with four loads of laundry on friday night, volunteering at a record sale on saturday morning (oh, did i mention how we need to get a record player now? we do.), celebrating a friend's birthday and going to see the roller girls on saturday night, dog park this morning, and visiting with some lovely friends this afternoon. i was lamenting a bit my lack of home time this weekend, but sometimes it is really good to be out and about a lot. and now i will have all week to putter and work on fun stuff.

i have some new projects in the works that i am really excited about. i am feeling inspired and am daydreaming about all kinds of new work for the first time in a while. i am starting to realize now how all-consuming planning my wedding really was. and while it was fun, and i'm glad i spent all that time on the details, i am very excited to be working on new projects.

what are you all up to this week? and what are you making for thanksgiving? i'll share my menu here tomorrow. it's a good one.


  1. No thanksgiving celebrations in Argentina. But nevertheless I am cooking! I got a box full of organic apricots just today, so I browsed your blog for recipes and I am making a cobbler and apricot butter. Tomorrow, because today we ran out of gas (yes, we use bottled gas in this town, still...).
    This week I am also getting a simple haircut, firing a load of glazed pieces on the kiln, weeding the garden, and getting some table legs for a table I am making.

  2. these photos are just perfect, j.
    stephen turned to me on the train home from brunch with friends yesterday and said, "let's do a thanksgiving picnic".. so after laundry, baking and a bit of weekend guest prep, i'm hoping for a picnic.