08 November 2011

wedding project: succulent centerpieces



months and months ago i decided that i wanted to pot succulents for the centerpieces for our wedding.  around june, my friend marieka was visiting and finally got me into gear collecting milk glass teacups, goblets, and other various containers to use as pots.  over the course of three or four months i frequented antique and thrift stores looking scouring the shelves for milkglass.  (odd sidenote: is milk glass a midwestern thing? jared and i went to numerous thrift stores in san francisco over the summer and saw not one piece.)  i eventually collected about 65 of them and after a few flats of succulents from the farmers market (plus some amazingly mailed to me from a lovely lady in portland) i had them all potted by late september.  i added some bits of moss to cover up the dirt and voila!

my mom tea-dyed a whole bunch of doilies to set under the pots of succulents and the tables looked beautiful, if i do say so myself.  (you can also see a little peek at all the jams i made as favors for our guests).  luckily for me, and our guests, most of the pots went home with guests (including some out of town guests who bravely brought these home on the plane!).  i love the thought, as one of our friends pointed out at the end of the night while everyone was standing around picking out their favorites to bring home, that we sent our loved ones home with something alive as a remembrance of our wedding day.

[photos by tiffany bolk]


  1. julia, this is truly ingenious.
    so creative. so original. so beautiful.
    i only wish i had thought of something so lovely when i was married.

  2. That is so beautiful Julia. And the fact you made jam, oh, just too good!

  3. the centerpieces are so beautiful, simple, elegant and alive. love them!