27 November 2011

sunday sunday

good evening friends. i hope all of you celebrating thanksgiving had a wonderful time. i know i did. after the sad news i mentioned in my last post, my mood was lightened by the birth of one of my dear friends' first daughter, a thanksgiving baby.

thursday night, we celebrated with a group of friends. we had good food, lots of laughs, and one adorable baby getting passed around the table.  friday night, we had jared's brothers, their wives and our three little nephews over for round two. it was super fun.  great to catch up and just chill with all of them after the craziness of two weddings over the past six months.  and, have i mentioned how much i love those little boys? man, do i ever. i can't wait for there to be another one to snorgle with in just over a month! 

i have had this whole past week off from work and, in between the two days of cooking and (successfully!) teaching myself how to build a website, i've spent a lot of time knitting and sewing in preparation for a small holiday sale i'll be participating in later in december.  and so, i've decided to open up my shop again for some small holiday goodies.  after five and a half years, this may be my very last etsy shop update (not that i've had very many over the last two years) as i'm working on some new ideas and am hoping to have a new shop set up sometime in the beginning of next year.  the shop will hopefully be open this thursday, december 1 and i'll probably add some more items next week as well. 

thanks, friends.

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