07 November 2011

wedding project: ties


part two of julia's crazy wedding projects!  i decided back in the spring that i wanted to make neckties for jared and the groomsmen.  after my relative success making jared a tie last fall for my cousin's wedding, i knew it wouldn't be too difficult.  i looked around for fabric that matched the bridesmaid dresses, but couldn't find anything i liked.  i was able to order a couple of yards of the fabric directly from the company that makes the dresses, so it ended up being an exact match.  pretty snappy, eh?

i left this project until the last minute (sort of, a couple of weeks before the wedding) because i knew it wasn't essential and if i ran out of time it wouldn't be a big deal.  i ended up having plenty of time, but lacking a bit in the motivation department.  by the time i got around to these, i was a bit burnt out on the wedding projects and was getting anxious for the day to just come already.  but i'm glad i made myself do these- they only took about a week and it all went pretty smoothly.  i'm super happy with how they turned out and it was a nice little gift to give our guys who helped make our wedding so wonderful.

technical notes: i used the purl bee father's day tie pattern.  the only thing i changed was that i only put one layer of interfacing in (the medium weight sew-in, i left out the lightweight fusible) since the fabric i used-silk shantung- is heavier than liberty tana lawn.  the last time i made this pattern, i used similar fabric and both layers of interfacing and the tie was super stiff.  while it wasn't stiff at all this time, it still feels a little flimsy, if i did this again, i might put a layer of muslin or other cotton fabric inside just to bulk it up.  also, i made one tie 3" longer for our friend who is 6'4".  

also, these are some of our professional wedding photos! i'll share more later this week. courtesy of tiffany bolk.  

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