01 November 2011

wedding projects: shawls

my ladies

as you probably guessed, there was a whole lot of handmade goodness going on at our wedding.  i was thinking that i'd share it with you all throughout the planning process, but then i started to get shy.  like i didn't want to spoil the surprise before the big day.  now that it's over, i'm excited to do a little recap of some of my favorite projects.

first up was some knitting, of course.  i decided early on that i wanted to knit shawls for my four bridesmaids (and our one groomsgirl!).  i hemmed and hawed for a bit over which pattern and ultimately i chose the mara shawl, a free pattern from madeline tosh.  after a bit of searching, and matching to the eggplant-y color of their dresses, i chose malabrigo worsted merino in frost grey. it's a gorgeous color that tends towards purple on the grey spectrum. 

because the malabrigo skeins are slightly smaller than the madeline tosh ones, the ruffle on these was narrower than the pattern called for, but i think they look perfect.  i used exactly three skeins for each shawl.  i started these back in march and each one took me about a month.  for a while i got worried that, although i thought they all looked beautiful and i knew my ladies would love them, they wouldn't look elegant enough with the dresses, since they are a bit bulky.  but in the end, i think they were perfect. and it was definitely nice for them to have something to ward off the slight chill that was in the air that day.  if i wasn't so sick of the pattern right now, i'd make one more for myself since i think they are amazing.  maybe next year...

details on ravelry, here.

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  1. They are beautiful! What an amazing gift for the ladies. I hope you knit one for yourself - the shawl looks fantastic on you.