05 December 2011

5 december

5 december

good evening friends. thanks to all of you who supported my shop opening last week. there are still plenty of items left, including a bunch that i've just added tonight, so be sure to check it out if you're in the market for anything.

i'm really pleased to be back at habit with all the 2011 guests for the month of december. such a lovely spot.

we finally got some decent snow over the weekend. nothing earthshattering, but a couple of inches and i think it's here to stay. i was feeling pretty happy about it until i hopped on my bike to work this morning. that first snowy/icy ride is always a little stressful. we'll see how long i can keep it up.

i've been cooking up a storm lately and plan to keep it up this week as i'm headed to madison this weekend to see my dear friends and their two-week old baby.  i'm planning to arrive with a few meals on hand.  (on my list is lasagna, black bean soup, bean burgers and hand cut fries, granola, and brown sugar peach muffins)

even though it's not officially winter yet, i've been working on my winter manifesto. hoping to have it up later this week.

for those of you who are local to the twin cities, save the date for two weeks from today.  some friends and talented artists and i are putting together the last minute handmade craft market on monday december 19 at 5pm at modern times cafe at 3200 chicago avenue in minneapolis.  wish you could all come!


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