13 December 2011

winter manifesto


even though it's not quite winter yet (and certainly hasn't been feeling like it here at all), i've started to think of the cozy snowed in days that are sure to come over the next couple of months.  last winter was a long one and i loved it so.  i hope this year is the same.  here are few of my daydreams for the coming months.

:: make soap
:: finish that quilt
:: get at least one of my photographs printed, framed, and hung in our house
:: have dinner parties
:: spend a cozy weekend in a cabin
:: try my hand at sourdough bread again
:: write more letters
:: snorgle with my new nephew as soon as he arrives
:: print on fabric
:: sew myself a new garment (i'm thinking a dress or shirt or maybe, just maybe, those pants i've been putting off forever)

in other news, this is the last week to order from my shop in time for holiday delivery.  the shop will stay open until 12/23 but obviously any orders placed that late won't arrive until after christmas.  and for you locals (i know there are some of you out there!) please join me and some other very talented artists for the last minute handmade craft market next monday evening, 12/19 at modern times.  more information here.  hope to see you there!

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