14 December 2011

last minute

last minute handmade

i know i mentioned this in my last post, but i thought i could write a wee bit more about the last minute handmade craft market that's happening next monday evening.

eireann came up with the idea for a small holiday craft market as she'll be in town for the holidays from her current home of nottingham, uk.  it quickly evolved to include myself, martha, jen, and cynthia. we put the word out to some other local artists and designers and were lucky enough to partner with modern times for our venue. i am super psyched about the event and even though it has all come together in just about a month, the planning process has been really smooth and organic between the five of us ladies.  maybe a sign of future collaboration? (wouldn't that be fun).

be sure to check out our website for the details and more information on each vendor and you can rsvp on the facebook event page as well. hope to see you there!


  1. i love how the market is coming together! really looking forward to seeing how it turns out. thanks for your help!

  2. this sounds lovely! I wish I could check out your little market. wishing you all a successful day!