26 January 2012

knitting for little people

wool leaves for gabe

wool leaves for gabe

and more knitting. i'm trying to break it up here, but i really do have a lot of knitting to catch up on.  this blanket for our newest nephew literally took me a week, which was so perfect as i was able to start it after the first time we saw him (when he was just five days old) and have it all finished, including blocking, by the next time we saw him just one week later.

the pattern is wool leaves by jared flood.  it was easy to follow and i got the hang of it quickly.  it's a bit small, so i wish i had added one or two more pattern repeats and knitted it a bit longer, but i wasn't really thinking when i started it and after blocking, it measured about 27"x39", which i think is just fine.  i knit it in cascade 220 superwash holding the yarn double.  i will say that this used a bit more yarn than the pattern called for (either that or there weren't really 220 yards in the skein) since i ended up using a bit of a fourth skein when three should have been a bit more than i needed. oh well.  another thing about this pattern is that from the photos in the pattern it's hard to tell just how lacey this pattern really comes out.  obviously i knew there would be holes from all the yarn-overs but it was a bit more hole-y than i expected. still, a beautiful, easy, and quick knit. [on ravelry]

gabriel jeremy

and now this babe won't have to share his older brother's blanket (see a glimpse of it in that photo?), which i'm told he still sleeps with every night except for laundry night.  when my sister-in-law told me that, i just about melted.  we were over at their house last week to celebrate a belated christmas and ended up looking through some little family photo albums that they boys keep in their playroom. my heart filled when looking back at all the different pieces i've knit and sewn for them over the past six years.  i was also informed that they often opt for their auntie-made sweaters for picture day and other dress up occasions.  again, melt.  so just as i was trying to talk myself out of knitting this blanket (why i was talking myself out of knitting something i have no idea), i realized that these pieces really do mean something to them, even if i don't always see it.  and that makes all the work worth it (as if the joy of just knitting wasn't enough).

pebble vest for gabe

pebble vest for gabe

oh, and i also made him a vest. this one, again. but with no modifications this time.  [ravelry]

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  1. Beautiful blanket (and vest)! And yeah, Brooklyn Tweed patterns seem to underestimate the yarn required fairly often. Off to ravelry to favourite your project!