14 February 2012

the filter lab...

so, this is a slightly different kind of project than i usually share in this space, but it's one that i am just as excited (maybe even more) to show off as i would be about another quilt (oh wouldn't it be nice to have another quilt to show off? sigh).  last year, around this time, jared and i hosted what's looking like the first annual living room show in our home.  our friends' band, the blind shake, performed an "acoustic" set for a small group of friends, jared recorded it, and it was broadcast live on our other friend's internet radio station, misplaced music (you can hear some of the songs they played that night here).  it was quite the collaboration, and i was so proud to see jared's creative side in full force.

so here we are again.  february is apparently the time of year for living room shows.  this year we'll be showcasing local twin cities band the small cities (who conveniently have a new album coming out next month, so if you like what you hear, you'll know what to do).  the show will be at our home this saturday, february 18th at 8pm CST and even though you can't join us in our living room, you can all tune in to misplaced music and listen along live.  if you can't make it that night, the show will be available on the website shortly afterwards for streaming.  just as soon as jared has his way with the songs (and by that, i mean, just as soon as they're mixed and ready for listening).

which brings me to the other part of this project.  as you may know, (or as you may have gathered from this post already) jared is a sound engineer.  he's been working in this field for about 12 years and has worked with a variety of artists, big and small, who play a variety of styles of music.  he has always had many projects to keep him busy, but lately he's been looking to establish his freelance work a bit more formally.  and what do you need to do that? why, a website of course!  jared and i spent the last couple of months building this site and i am so proud to show it off to all of you.  web design is something i've been interested in learning about for a while now and this was the perfect opportunity to satisfy this particular curiosity.  i started off by watching the tutorials over on don't fear the internet and jumped off from there, pretty much just googling problems (or looking them up here or here) as i came across them.  i had intended to use a wordpress platform, but we quickly realized that there really wouldn't be much change to this site once it was completed (no news page or blog), so i coded it all in html and css from scratch.  i'd be lying if i said i wasn't pretty impressed with myself.  i know it's nothing too fancy, but i think it looks really nice and reflects jared's understated but high quality style of working. [note: there will soon be a listening page on the site where you can hear a sampling of songs that jared has worked on].

all this to say...hey! check out thefilterlab.com and, you know, if you know any musicians looking for an extremely talented and meticulous engineer to mix their songs, well, you know where to send them.

and don't forget to tune in to misplaced music on saturday night to hear the small cities!


  1. hey, j!
    i know a little about how much work that was...and wow. it looks beautiful: clean and professional but really personal, too.
    best wishes to jared and yay, you, for learning how to do that site.


  2. fabulous.
    bay area 10 yrs+
    and now midwest
    love this.