21 February 2012

coming to you live from my living room

thank you all so very much for all of your sweet comments (here and elsewhere) about my last post. we are thrilled with how the show went on saturday night. the small cities guys were incredibly gracious and of course played some wonderful music.  we had a great crowd in our living room, and even more listening along on misplaced music. (if any of you tuned in, thank you! i'd love to hear your thoughts). if you missed it, the songs will be posted on the website in a week or two. don't worry, i'll let you know when they're up. and needless to say, i was incredibly proud of jared and all of his hard work and putting the filter lab out there for the world. [also, the small cities will be playing their cd release show on march 3 and if you can't make it in person, that show will also be broadcast live on misplaced music!]

i'm waiting to get my film back from the evening, but here are a couple of polaroids i snapped during the performance.  the band came over earlier in the afternoon for sound check and i was in the kitchen in a flurry of rye pretzels, bean dip, skillet cookie, and pita chips and all i could think was wouldn't it be amazing if i could live music accompanying my saturday afternoon cooking every weekend?! yup. that would be pretty sweet indeed.

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