02 March 2012

just one more [for now at least]

forever blanket

oh hey look, it's another baby blanket! imagine that. this is the last one...for now at least, i'm sure there will be more than enough opportunities to make more in the not-so-distant future.  this latest installment in "julia makes a blanket for every baby around" comes to us courtesy of the beautiful dream in color: classy yarn and the purl bee's forever blanket pattern. i hesitate to even call this a pattern, since it's pretty much just ribbed all the way. i'll admit that after 1000 yards of this, i was ready to be done.  but, all in a day's work (or, two months' work) for my dear friend's baby nora, who was born back on thanksgiving day. such a treat.

nora and mama

nora baby

since i don't have a photo of baby nora with the blanket, i'll just share these shots that i took when i visited them for a weekend back in december. it's been so lovely having these two (three, now!) nearby for the last year and a half and i'm totally going to miss our weekend visits back and forth when they move back to oregon this summer. hopefully this blanket will be a nice reminder of their time in wisconsin and our fun times together.

[details on ravelry]

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