22 February 2012

apparently, i've had quite a lot to say.

exactly five years ago today, i embarked on this whole blogging journey with an incredibly awkward post that included a photo that jared took of me next the world's largest twine ball near his hometown. i say this every year when i mark this occasion, but when i hit publish that very first time, sitting on the couch in our old apartment, i had no idea where this whole blogging journey would lead. the people i would meet, the friends i would make, the things i would learn, and all the inspiration i would find. i can honestly say that in some small way (or maybe even a big way) starting this blog has truly changed the direction of my life. it has given me new opportunities and ideas and shown me what is possible.

in past years, i've offered a giveaway to celebrate this little anniversary, but seeing as i'm still working on my package to last year's winner (sorry shari!) i think this year will just be marked with a very, very sincere thank you. thank you, truly, for reading and sticking with me. for all your comments of encouragement. you have no idea what it means to me.