13 March 2012

really and truly


as bummed as i have been over the past few months that winter was just not arriving (really, i was very bummed about this. each day waking up hoping for a blizzard. even that one horrible january week that we always have when it just can't seem to rise above zero degrees. i missed that this year!) i am very glad for the arrival of spring.  typically, this early in march, i wouldn't bat an eye at a fluke 70 degree afternoon. but this year? well, this year i have to believe that spring is actually here to stay. seeing as winter never bothered to show up at all.

i missed my tend post yesterday, so here's a wee peek at my bees. buzzing their little hearts out. there's nothing for them to eat out here, so i can only guess that they're enjoying the warm sun as much as we are, returning to their hives for meals of honey. last summer i was incredibly lucky to have a friend keep bees in my yard, teaching me bits and pieces as we went along, but truly doing all of the work herself. this summer, i'm excited to learn more from her. and hopefully feel confident enough to share more in some of that work. we shall see.

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  1. spring IS here!? Can you believe it? Sounds like you are getting the same several days of 70's...