20 March 2012

on spring. and being better.

here we are...the first day of spring. usually on the first day of spring, it's looking much more like winter outside, but this year i actually believe it to be true. spring has arrived. shari and some friends are sharing some other spring manifestos over at her space this week, be sure to check it out. i'd love to hear what's on your list for this season. here are a few things to keep me busy [and happy] this coming season...

:: take a bike picnic [we already did this once last weekend and it was wonderful, can't wait to find more spots around the city to visit!]
:: visit the eloise butler wildflower gardens, can't believe i haven't been in almost two years!
:: sew myself a new garment [this is an old standby for pretty much every manifesto...]
:: plan that honeymoon
:: get that beautiful garden in [i think i might start on this this week, i wondered about early planting over at tend yesterday]
:: continue organizing and cleaning out the house. i got a good start on this back in january and february but then got a little sidetracked.
:: sit on the porch and read, or knit.
:: keep learning more lettering styles.
:: fresh flowers. more of them. everywhere. 

i write all of this with the knowledge that the world right now is a crazy crazy place. there are shootings of innocent people happening all over the place [florida. france. afghanistan. to name a few]. an election that frightens the crap out of me, as hopeful as i may try to be. people [men, mostly, to be honest] who think that women's health is something to be decided for us, and to be used as a political weapon. and right here in my own state, we will be voting on some frightening issues this year [like this and this]. with all of this going on, it is sometimes hard not to think that all of these lovely, beautiful things i try to do are completely trivial. but i know that the best thing i can do to make this world a better place is to be a better person. and try to help the people around me be good people too. and to love. yes. i can do that. we all can do that quite well.


  1. I love your spring manifesto Julia, I think I need to write one myself. Thinking about all that's going on around us sometimes feels too big, and I figure the best I can do is make life around me liveable and peaceful (and maybe even a little fun sometimes. Happy Spring!

  2. a bike picnic! yes. happy spring, j.

  3. i love this photograph, and your manifesto. and your ongoing dedication to being a better person, which is such an inspiration to me. i'm so glad to know you, j. xo.

  4. it is important to pay attention to the suffering in the world, but i agree with you that our best hope for the change we want is to be good people. i always learn so much from reading your posts here and at tend - so thanks for putting your good intentions out in the world.