18 April 2012

weekend favorite


this might be my favorite weekend breakfast. waffles, with some defrosted and slightly caramelized strawberries, a little bit of maple syrup and coffee of course. the only addition i would have loved would have been some delicious smoothies. sunday morning was dark and grey and after a week of no breads (passover) i was craving some serious carbs. i wanted to make waffles, my favorite, but we were out of ground flax seed (i use that for egg replacer) so i popped a few out of the freezer and there we were. almost every time i make fresh waffles, i double the recipe and freeze individual waffles wrapped in aluminum foil for weekday mornings. i got my double-and-freeze inspiration from erin. i almost always do it with soups too, but i think i need to do more of it still.

ps. just took a quick look through the archives and see that i've never actually shared my favorite waffle recipe here! i'll have to do that soon. it's an adaptation from The Joy.

pps. thanks for the shop love yesterday! there are still two of the new potholders left and a bunch of other goodies. have a look if you like!


  1. Yay for waffles! I made banana pancakes for lunch on Monday after coming home from a weekend of hospital food. It was just what I needed in my life.

  2. yum! i know where i shouldda been on sunday morning. miss you.