08 May 2012

remains of a day


last night. i did not sleep well.


this morning. jared woke up early for his third to last test at school [ever. or for a long time at least]
my mom sent me an article about chronic hives, which i've had for over 2 decades. it made me think. and so happy that i have not had hives for a long time.
i read that maurice sendak had died and i felt very sad for the loss. but then, so grateful for his gifts.
i did some dishes. made coffee and breakfast. [toast with almond butter and strawberry jam]
got dressed for work. walked freddie. hopped on my bike. fingers crossed that it wouldn't start raining again until i got to work.
stopped at the post office and felt very angry at the incredibly rude man who did not get off the phone and basically treated the postal worker, michael, like a machine. i almost said something, but let it go. 
work. i was productive, but uninspired. i try to do a good job.
read of a friend's friend's suicide and felt incredibly sad for him and his loved ones. a perfect stranger to me. [you can help bring his two cats to a new home, here]
it rained some more. big fat raindrops. i stayed at work late and waited out the rain.
rode home in a drizzle.
walked freddie in the sunshine and felt the warmth on my face.
i smiled at my front yard garden. it's looking nice these days.
sang at the top of my lungs to some andrew bird. can't get enough of him these days. [i especially like this song]
made popcorn, poured a glass of wine. and sat on the couch.
now. i am listening to maurice sendak interviews on fresh air.
and have just heard the news from north carolina. and i am sadder for this world. 

but here i sit. on the couch. with my sweet, cuddly dog. thinking about the remains of this day.

and i must remember to smile. and keep working. and living. and loving.


  1. Keep it up, J. The world can use lots of good people like you and Jared. xo.

  2. this is my favorite kind of post. loved every bit of it julia.

    1. thanks rach. i wasn't sure about writing it. but isn't that what my own blog is for? to write what i'm moved to write? be honest? and be me? that's why i don't want to give it up, even if i do need a new space :)

  3. this post touched me. there is a lot of sadness in the world, but a lot of beauty too. hugs to you.

    1. hugs right back to you, tiny :). thanks for your sweet comment.