09 May 2012

spring light, in nyc







a little lightness after yesterday's post. it felt good to write that, but it's hard to stay in that heavy, sad place for too long.


it's sunny. jared and i went out to lunch. a big box of yarn arrived at my doorstep. i planted some more of my garden after freddie and i went on our evening walk. i stayed outside until 8pm and it was light and warm. i gave 5 tomato plants to my neighbor. we're snacking for dinner. i love that we both love to do that sometimes.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

i noticed this last time that i was in new york, that, just like when i'm at home, all i was noticing were the gardens (shari said the exact same thing today). the crowded patches of tulips planted outside the apartment buildings. all of the flowering trees. the high line (for another post). and the beautiful volunteer-run flower garden in riverside park. that's where these photos are from. on the afternoon before my family's seder, my brother, his girlfriend and i took a break and took a walk down to the park with my parent's dog. it was a beautiful spring day, and i was so glad we got outside for a bit.

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  1. beautiful! i'm only been to new york twice - in the middle of summer's oppressive heat and the middle of winter's unbearable cold. how lovely to walk about the city in the spring sun!