16 July 2012

oh, hello there



gamla stan, stockholm

archipelago, stockholm

crear, scotland

crear, scotland

whisky in tarbert, scotland

prince albert bridge, london

herb garden at battersea park, london

herb garden in battersea park, london

jared, london

herb garden at battersea park, london

i'm not really quite sure how to begin this post. as my friend told me recently, i think i'm suffering from post-vacation syndrome. it's taking me a little while to get back into my groove now that we're home from our big trip. one part of me feels like i've missed all of summer already, and another part is wondering how much longer it will be this hot (even though i know i have no right to complain, having missed the 100+ temps while we were in chilly london).

i have so many photos (8 rolls of film, a stack of polaroids, and over 500 digital shots) that i'm not even really sure how to begin sharing those. i don't want to overwhelm this blog with travel reports, but hey. that's what i've got to report for now. so here goes. a [very, very] few of my favorites for now. these are all from my magical yashica mat124, so glad i brought that heavy beast with me. and then i think i'll get started with a chronological review of my trip. get ready for some european wanderlust, folks.

it's good to be back.

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  1. i am ready for european wanderlust! i can' wait to see more!