18 June 2012


my one and only peony

a june sunset, after a thunderstorm

like many of you, i assume, my days lately have been quite full. here's a bit of what i've been up to...

:: last weekend i traveled to park city, utah for an incredibly fun-filled three days with some wonderful ladies to celebrate my dear friend's upcoming wedding this fall. it was so fun to plan a weekend that was all about celebrating rachel and the amazing person that she is. she has touched so many lives with her caring spirit, hilarious sense of humor, and dedicated friendship. i'm so excited to celebrate more with her in october, this was just a preview!

:: i think i finally have my garden fully planted! of course, the radishes need to be ripped out and replaced and there is a decent chunk of empty space in my community garden that could possibly be filled with a squash of some kind...

:: our csa started two weeks ago and i am loving it! we have been having salads galore and it's fun to experiment with some new veggies (we made this chinese cabbage salad last week, alongside some brown rice and tofu..it was delicious). i'm thinking it might be fun to share what we receive each week and how we use it. would that be interesting to you all? i also bought jared a juicer as a graduation present, so any un-used veggies are headed for juicy goodness. i haven't been a huge fan of vegetable juice in the past, but i'm working on it and have found that a little bit of apple and lemon can really help! (yesterday morning's selection for me was strawberry, apple, lemon, and kale. so good).

:: we leave for our big summer trip this week! we'll be in stockholm, the west coast of scotland (one night in edinburgh), and london. i could not be more excited for this trip, which is part honeymoon, part wedding of one my dearest friends, and visiting a friend of jared's. i'm so excited to explore a new place, just the two of us and then spend some time visiting loved ones as well. of course trip preparations include getting a good travel project ready. i'm so happy to finally have an excuse (like i needed an excuse) to start my alabama chanin bloomers swing skirt. i've already completed almost a full panel on my trip last weekend and i'm hoping to get close to finishing the whole thing by the time i get back. maybe i'll be able to wear it this fall!

i don't know if i'll be able to check back in here before we leave on thursday, as we journey halfway around the world to the land where the days are long and the nights are almost nonexistent. i can't tell you how excited i am to be in sweden right around the solstice and experience almost 24 hour days.

be well, friends. xo


  1. Bon Voyage! I am a little jealous of your amazing trip ;)
    Please share lots of photos on your return!

  2. YAY! I'm so glad you're finally working on that beautiful skirt... I've been thinking about it recently. ALSO, are you sure you don't want to trade? I could go to Europe with Jared and YOU could drive 2,000 miles with baby Nora and Gatsby? Huh? Huh?

  3. Oh man. Can you feel the envy rolling off me from there? I hope not.

  4. enjoy your travels, j! & YES- i'd love to see some CSA posts from you!

  5. i hope you are traveling safely. it sounds like an amazing trip. enjoy!