26 September 2012

my very favorite

cayucos beach


nora and mama

cayucos beach

i welcomed fall this year on the coast of california where i spent the weekend celebrating the wedding of a very dear friend. i realize that i use that phrase a lot "dear friend" and yet, i am fortunate that it is no exaggeration. i am so fortunate to have so many people in my life who are truly dear to me.

in any case, celebrate we did. i dipped my toes in the ocean. spent a good amount of time holding my favorite ten month old. danced to some bluegrass in a barn. caught up with some old friends. and laughed a whole lot. a fine way to ring in my very favorite season.

in keeping with a tradition that i seem to have dropped a bit, here is a bit of a manifesto for the coming season..
:: break into all that food that's been preserved these past few months.
:: try at least one new soup recipe.
:: start baking bread again. and bake some pies too.
:: work on our list of house projects.
:: sew two garments and clean out my closet to simplify. simplify. simplify. (more on this in a bit)
:: write some letters and send some care packages to a few of my dear friends :)

happy fall to you all.


  1. this sounds like the perfect manifesto, j! i really want to hear about your closet clean-out!