17 September 2012

weekend sewing

tova top

tova top

after i finished the bloomers skirt, i caught the sewing bug big time. last week, i whipped out a quilted pillowcase (more on that later) and then i decided it was finally time to tackle the tova top. i haven't made clothing for myself in well over a year (on the machine- of course, i just posted about a brand new skirt). i purchased this pattern a while ago since i have long admired jenny's work and have never had the chance to own one of her pieces.

i was a bit nervous about making this since, as i said, it had been a while since i've sewn clothing for myself and i really didn't want to get frustrated with a fussy pattern or disappointed by a poor fit. well, i had nothing to worry about. i had this fabric on hand already- it's lightweight, maybe a cotton shirting (i think my mom bought it for me at a yard sale a few years ago)? i don't know, but it was perfect. also perfect is the fact that i am currently lacking in shirts in my wardrobe.

i started cutting out the pattern and fabric on friday evening and with a few hours here and there over the course of the weekend, i finished it on sunday morning. all in all, i would highly recommend this pattern. it was very straightforward and the directions were extremely clear. i was worried about the fit, but it's perfect. if i make it again (which i definitely will- i'm already mining my fabric stash for another 2.5 yards of something that will work) i might shorten it an inch or so. i love that it's a bit longer, but i might like something just a bit shorter.  so, a good reintroduction to sewing clothing. and now i've got the bug...

and a very happy and sweet new year to all of you who celebrate. i've got the typical new year thoughts swirling around in my head. be back with some of those soon. xo


  1. it looks beautiful, julia! and i love that color on you. i've had this pattern hanging out on my shelf for ages... i need to give it a try!