01 November 2012

1 november


things have been busy around these parts. i've been working on and preparing for some fun projects. here's a bit of my lately...

:: i whipped up a new batch of lip balms the other night. i am now making them with beeswax from the hives in my backyard. so exciting! also, even though october is over, i am continuing the sale in my shop until all sale items are gone. and then...i will finally be opening my new shop, for real this time! have a look if you want.


:: a couple of weekends ago i recovered this chair seat for my studio and i love it! it was a pretty easy project (makes me wonder why i put it off for so long- i salvaged the chair from our alley about two years ago and it's sat in our basement ever since!) now i want to find more chairs to fix up!

:: speaking of my studio, i am working on reorganizing this space. i realize that i have never shared it since we moved into our house three (!) years ago. it's time for a little reorganization and clean up in that space. i do my best to clean up after each project, but that doesn't always happen. and there's been a lot of accumulation of "stuff" that i need to deal with. that will happen soon. and then, maybe we'll have a little studio tour? i feel so lucky to have this space to work.

:: i have been working on my quilt again. i know it's been forever. but amisha just finished hand quilting a king size quilt and now i'm inspired to work on mine some more. i know it will take me a while longer to finish it, but little by little i will get there!

:: a few blog posts i've read recently have been really touching. like this one by eireann. and this one by katie.

:: i'm going to knit jared a sweater. we agreed on a pattern and now we just need to pick out some yarn for it. i'm so excited (probably more than he it!). the only thing i've ever knit for him is a hat (x2). it's going to be great. spread the sweater love!


 :: our winter csa share has begun and it is out of control! i am accepting submissions of recipes for: turnips, parsnips, celery root, brussels sprouts.

:: as an exiled new yorker, i have been glued to the new york times updates (they're so charitable- free access to storm coverage on their website!) on sandy and the aftermath. luckily my parents are safe and sound as are my friends. thinking of all those who are not. donate to the red cross here.

:: i just listened to a debate on the constitutional amendment to limit the freedom to marry that us minnesotans will be voting on next week and i i think my blood pressure just shot through the roof. i am trying to be hopeful, and helpful, in the days before this election, but i am getting a bit nervous. please, vote. and when you do, remember to be just, and fair, and that it is our right to protect and defend the rights and freedoms of everyone in this country, not limit them.


ps. and this. for a smile. 


  1. lovely, j. so in sync with what I'm thinking about these days.

  2. Just got my lip balm and love it! Wonderful moisturizer and smells delicious!