12 November 2012

12 november



hi friends. what's new out there? is anyone still reading these pages?

i think i'm just now recovering from last week's election results. i am seriously on cloud nine over here. it was a big night for so many folks and minnesota was no exception. both of the terrible, hateful, oppressive amendments that we had on the ballot were defeated, and many many good candidates won. it was a beautiful night.

early winter has arrived to minneapolis and i, for one, am happy about it. i had my first snowy bike commute and promptly ate it on my way to work. ouch. despite that. i am happy about the snow. i hope we get more than last year, which is not saying much since there was approximately zero snow accumulation last "winter." oh well, a girl can hope.

i have been spending a lot of time in the kitchen trying to keep up with our fall csa share. it is a ridiculous amount of root veggies and leafy greens. it's only every other week, so i have a little bit more time to cook it all up. some of my favorite recipes so far have been: sweet potato muffins and biscuits and broccoli potato soup. i am also looking into a celery root salad and glazed parsnips. i'll let you know how those go.

i have also been spending a lot of time in the kitchen standing over a dyepot. more on that soon. promise.

i am still thinking about my wardrobe project. i haven't made any more clothing, but i have been noticing that i've been wearing handmade (mostly by me!) clothing almost every day. which i think is a precursor to starting to get rid of some of the stuff i'm not wearing.

i've been missing taking more photographs. i have a roll of film to pick up (from the summer!) and another one that is just about finished in the camera from i don't even know how many months ago. i don't know what happened- how i kind of stopped taking photos all the time. but i do miss it.

i would be remiss if i didn't at least mention something totally unrelated, but big...this thursday is give to the max day- it is a day of giving for nonprofits in minnesota (but you can participate from anywhere!). the agency where i work, southside family nurturing center, is participating for the fourth year in a row and we are working hard to meet our matching funds of $13,000 on thursday (you can schedule a donation now so you don't forget on thursday!). even if you don't give, at least click the link and watch the slideshow. it's pretty sweet if i do say so myself...i believe strongly and passionately in the work we do, the way we support struggling families and young children, and of course i know how great the need for funding is. if you have a few extra dollars, you know what to do. thank you.

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