03 December 2012

julia elise: new shop announcement!


hi friends...
i am so excited to share something new with you today! this is something i have been dreaming about and working on for months. my new shop: julia elise: is open for business today!

i am happy to share some new products, some made from all that fabric i've been dyeing, and some new body care products as well. as usual, i didn't quite leave myself as much time as i needed to get all my grand plans in order, so i had to pare down what i was originally hoping to have stocked in the shop. for now, the totes are all one of a kind (meaning, there is just one available in each color combination) and the other linen products are also in limited quantities, but i am hoping to add more in the next couple of weeks if possible. i will also be adding some additional items in the future, including table runners, tea towels, and maybe even the beloved potholder. i will also be adding additional colors of fabric in the future.

i really am quite proud of this new direction i'm taking and i can honestly say that i don't think i've felt as connected to and inspired by any of my other creative work over the past few years as i do about these new products. it's like i've finally found my groove, or something like that.

okay...before i blabber on too long about all that went into this, i'll just stop here. so, check out the shop, and help me spread the word about this new venture. i hope you find something you like!

thank you for all your support. xo