06 December 2012

on a sunday

sunday walk

sunday walk

sunday walk

last sunday. jared and i woke up early after staying out late at a scotch and pie party (i made vegan sweet potato pie with brazil nut crumble topping). had a quick breakfast. made coffee. and loaded up into the old car for the dog park. there was a thick fog like i've never seen in minneapolis (for a minute i wondered if i was really back in san francisco). and the dog park wasn't too crowded at all. we stayed away from the river on our walk, trying to minimize how dirty freddie would get. it didn't work (he still got dirty). we had a beautiful walk and i was glad i brought my spectra, even if the flash did keep going off unintentionally. i love that we have this place. it is so special to us.

thank you all so much for your kind words, posts, and purchases from my shop this week. i am overwhelmed with gratitude. there are still a number of items left and i am continuing to make more in preparation for a small market next weekend. more on that later. xo

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