16 January 2013

in the winter kitchen (sort of)

winter bread

i have been baking bread again. mostly a standard half white/half wheat crusty bread from the essential vegetarian cookbook (jared will always choose crusty bread if i ask him what to make). i may need to swap out the recipe though. it's been a while since i've made flaxseed bread. or rye. or soymilk bread. so many options i tell you.

since the holidays, our weekends have been very quiet and i'm really enjoying them. a few outings to see friends, but mostly we are taking care of house projects. i finally purchased a ridiculous amount of fabric to make curtains for our sunroom (checking that off the list after three years), and make new cushions for the loveseat (i think this has been on the list since we purchased it...oh, about six years ago!). i am also going to make this quick wool-backed throw. maybe tonight, even. i have some beautiful alexander henry cotton fabric that i purchased on sale a couple of years ago and i think it's a perfect fit for the huge piece of wool i snagged at the textile center garage sale, also a few years ago, that has been waiting to be made into a cozy blanket. this should satisfy my current desire to make lots and lots of quilts.

wait. i thought this post was supposed to be about the kitchen. oh right, i am getting distracted by sewing. which is pretty much what's happening in my kitchen lately. we are going to get back into meal planning this year. next week, in fact. so i'm soliciting you all for new recipe inspiration. i'm craving greens...bok choy, kale, spinach. maybe something with white beans? we still have a drawer full of parsnips and turnips from our last csa in december that i have been avoiding. i should probably just cook them up and get it over with.

what have you been cooking up lately? i could use some inspiration...


  1. substitute part of your potatoes for those turnips in potato soup & you've got yourself a delicious soup that's inexpensive & great for lunch! xo!

  2. That bread looks yummy! I have not done much cooking myself but I just tried Bavarian's flaxseed bread and it is delicious. I have been obsessed with flaxseed recently. Do you have any other recipes with it?