10 January 2013

10 january


a few things on my mind lately...

i have a bunch of recent (and a few not so recent) knitting projects that i haven't shared with you all. i think i will photograph them this weekend if it's sunny...i have now finally cast on for a sweater (!) for jared and i am so excited. only about halfway through the first sleeve so far, but it's going to be great. the pattern is ranger by jared flood and i'm using the brooklyn tweed shelter yarn. it's quite nice.

i have been citrus obsessed these winter days. yesterday i came home from the grocery store with a bag full of  clementines and grapefruits, only to discover my annual delivery of florida grapefruits and honeybell oranges courtesy of my mom. yum.

speaking of grocery shopping...we are considering joining a natural food buying club here. seems like a good idea and i'm thinking we'll save a lot of money too. not to mention eliminating weekly or so trips to the grocery store (which i wouldn't mind at all). do any of you participate in something like this? i'd love to hear more...

i am trying to keep the shop well-stocked. i will be re-stocking the currently sold-out lip balms by next week and i'm hoping to start experimenting with some new dye colors and a few new product ideas (one of a kind pillows, anyone?) soon.

i've caught the pinterest bug again and have been pinning all kinds of projects that are inspiring-clothes and quilts and other fun home stuff to make. i know most of it will probably never materialize but some of it will. basically i want to make a big pile of quilts, but i should probably start by finishing that one that i started, oh, two years ago that's still sitting half quilted on my floor....right.

what's up with you all?

ps. i'm a bit short on photos so apparently all i've got these days are old film photos of my houseplants...um, yeah. better load up a camera with a new roll!


  1. hey, lady! i am beginning a new quilt this weekend. do you have any ideas for a very basic pattern available online? also, any good sources of blogs/books would be so helpful!

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