29 January 2013

some socks

forever socks

i mentioned recently that i had some knitting to share with you all...over the last three years, i seem to have embarked on a one-pair-of-knitted-socks-per-year kick. i completed my third pair about two months ago. as i was getting ready to share them here, i realized that i never shared the pair i made in 2011, which i have absolutely been loving up since they came off the needles.

the 2011 pair was the toe-up socks from more last minute knitted gifts. i appropriately titled this project "forever socks" on ravelry since they were knit with size zero needles and really felt like they were going to take forever. in truth, i have no idea how long they took because i never noted the date i finished them- i'm guessing it was a couple of months (though i did put them on hold to work on all those shawls...). i used a lovely koigu premium merino that my mom had gifted me for my birthday a few years back.

cloudlight socks

and the 2012 pair was the abbey road socks, by ann budd. i used another amazing yarn from my mom, this one a hand-me-down from some project that didn't work out for her. it's blue heron sock plus. the color is called cloudlight and i couldn't agree more. it's beautiful. when i was finishing these up on a plane ride last fall, the woman next to me told me it was a shame that no one would ever see all of my beautiful work since it would be hidden by my shoes. oh well. i'll know it's there. and the truth is that there is nothing more comfortable than a pair of handknitted socks. that squishiness under your foot in the dead of winter? love.

i have some more sock yarn in my stash, so i guess i'd better get planning for this year's pair :)

details on ravelry here and here.

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  1. i'm rather jealous that you get to keep those beautiful socks hidden just for yourself ;)! beautiful work, julia!