01 February 2013



i've been thinking recently about how i periodically change which blogs i read regularly. i try to stick to what feels relevant and interesting to me right now. so based on what's going on my life or my changing interests, i'm often discovering new blogs that really resonate with me. of course, i have many old standbys that i've been reading for years, but here are a few that i've discovered (or re-discovered) recently. i'd love to hear what blogs or sites you've been reading lately too.

:: wayward spark. i found this blog recently through a post on reading my tea leaves and it's sort of making me want to run away to the woods and live in a tiny house. sort of.

:: always time for tea. i've been reading brooke's blog for a while now, but her writing is just really exquisite.

:: have cake will travel. i don't know how i have never stumbled on this blog before. with all the vegan baking i do (which is about 99.5% of the baking i do in general), this blog is a dream. i cannot wait to try the cinnamon pull-apart brioche. might have to put that at the top of this weekend's list...

:: lily's recent post on bigBANG studio about her recent trip to vietnam. she so perfectly captured the feelings i've had on pretty much every trip i've taken to a developing nation (minus the personal connection). it's such a twisted, complicated thing, this world travel...

:: sandra juto's blog is always so inspiring. i love the peeks into her everyday life and really inspires me to pick up my camera more again.

:: folk fibers might be my absolute favorite discovery. maura dyes almost all the fabrics she uses with natural dyes and makes the most beautiful quilts. she talks about her process on her blog, but i love all the little peeks she shows on her instagram feed...

so there's a little list of what i've been reading and liking lately. how about you?


  1. some of the sites that i am really enjoying lately (other than the ones you have listed above and to the right) are:
    The Yellow House http://casayellow.com
    Le dans la http://ledansla.blogspot.ca
    The Reconstructionists http://thereconstructionists.org
    The Art of Seeing Things http://theartofseeingthings.wordpress.com
    Posie Gets Cozy http://rosylittlethings.typepad.com/posie_gets_cozy/
    The Morning News http://www.themorningnews.org

  2. Brooke is a good pick. I own one of her tiny poetry artworks. It sits (framed) on my hall table and brings me happiness whenever I walk past.

    I've really been enjoying The Teacup Chronicles http://teacupchronicles.com/ lately, and I agree with Jenna on both The Yellow House (I wish I had a slice of her grapefruit tart w/ rye crust right now) and The Art of Seeing Things.