08 March 2013

the click and whirr

windowsill succulents

i've been taking more and more polaroids again. it's still been months since i loaded up any of my film cameras, but i came into a (free!) stash of expired 600 film last fall and while i'm still being very stingy with it, i also want to enjoy it. i so love the click and whirr of the polaroid. i miss taking photos everyday and sharing them often. i joined instagram a couple of months ago when i finally got an iphone and while i do like sharing some snippets of my daily life there, i still miss blowing through rolls and rolls of film. i'm not a huge fan of the phone camera (it's pretty good, but still...) taking lots of photos makes me happy and i miss it. i will load up a camera this weekend. i will.

what will you do this weekend?

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