17 May 2013

friday afternoon ramblings: love is the law, and some sewing

28.5 weeks
here is another one of the tops i've made myself in the last couple of months. (it's the rie top from megan nielsen patterns, again). i think i finished this one in mid-march. at the time, i wasn't sure if i should put these sleeves on it since i was sure that it would be warming up any day and all i'd need would be tank tops and skirts. oh, how wrong i was! thank goodness for the sleeves. i was psyched to use this fabric that i've had in my stash for years (i have no idea where it came from, thrifted maybe?).

again, the sizing was a little questionable on this one. like i said before, the first megan nielsen pattern i made, i used the small size and it fit me perfectly. here, that size seems a little snug. mostly in the armholes and the sleeves. now that my belly is getting bigger and bigger, it's also a little on the short side. with a long tank underneath, though, it's a great top. i'm even thinking that i'll be able to wear it as a non-maternity top later on. if i have the energy, i may just make myself the dress version of this pattern too, sleeveless...

so here we are now, in the third trimester and feeling like august is shockingly close. i continue to be amazed by how fast this is all going, but i guess i should just get used to it because that's how life will be from now on, right? i'm still trying hard to savor all the days and enjoy the quiet moments (and not so quiet ones). all in all, despite all the things to do and get and figure out and finish up, we're just enjoying ourselves immensely. 

also, this week marked a hugely important achievement in my home state, the passage of marriage equality by our state legislature, which will go into effect on august first. i'm not going to lie...i cried a number of times while listening to the hours of debate in the house and senate, and it wasn't just the hormones. in addition to a huge step towards true justice and equality for all in this state, including some of my friends and family, i couldn't help but be so proud and happy that our child will grow up with opportunities that so many before have not had. and that our baby will be able to get married someday [far] in the future, no matter who he or she is or loves. because now, love is the law.

happy weekend, friends. xo


  1. love is the law...perfect.

  2. Love this top on you - such great stripes! And that last sentence made me tear up. So true!

  3. Cute top!