24 June 2014





it is june. ethan is fast approaching eleven months. we have begun talking about his birthday party and i have all kinds of fun ideas for a picnic in the park across from our house.

i keep thinking back to where we were a year ago. we had just returned from our magical weekend up north, where i finally got to go swimming in a beautiful lake. we were starting to think about maybe getting some baby stuff. we had finished our childbirth class and i think it was around late june when we scheduled all of the rest of our midwife appointments through 41 weeks and jared and i looked at each other in disbelief while standing at the reception desk at the birth center. my mom visited for a hot weekend and there was a crazy storm that left us with no power for three days and i slept with cold washcloths on my large belly and we charged our phones in a yarn store.

but now. here we are. june again. it has been raining like crazy. and it's getting hot. and i have finally gotten my garden (mostly) planted. ethan has not been all that helpful in that department, although he does like eating dirt and is maybe, just maybe, figuring out how to throw a ball for freddie. once that happens, we will be golden.

the highchair is putting on some mileage as we drag it back and forth between our kitchen and backyard so that we can eat as many meals outdoors as possible. his all-time favorite food seems to be black beans, with strawberries as a close second.

we are also getting some mileage on the used bike trailer we bought this spring. so far ethan falls right to sleep as soon as we start moving, so i'd call that a success. 

he is not quite walking yet, but he is crazy for pushing his walker wagon around and i brought it to the park last week and he walked almost a whole block's length to the playground! i was pretty amazed.

we are thinking about some camping trips for this summer. maybe one in late july and another one in september, when it cools down a bit. any tips on camping with a baby? we're also headed to chicago for a weekend next month, got any tips in that department? we've never been and i'm excited to explore the city.

more soon.

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